End of the month Metals attack

US$ is rallying because of events across the pond, not because we solved our debt problems here, US$ trade stands at 79.430 up 42.1 points with the high 79.445, Treasuries have reached a plateau in the short term as well as the long term which are being slightly supported.   Energy Products are scattered price wise with Crude down by 66 cents with the trade at $98.90 but the crack products mixed.   Gold is down $11.10 with the trade at $1,724.30 (April) close to its low of $1,718.80, Silver is down 58 cents trading at $33.210 after hitting a low of $33.035 driving all metals lower as we have one more trading day to go to finish off the month.   Grains are all trading lower, Softs are mixed and the Meats Market closed. Paper Markets are trading lower as well. Stay Strong!!!

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