January deliveries for Silver and Gold end today

US$ continues its slide towards its ultimate low and is down 24.3 points trading at 79.274 close to its low of 79.235, Treasuries are showing weakness across the board as foreign buyers start to understand that currency production is at a peak and only weakens what everyone else is holding retirement wise (in purchasing power).   Petro Products continue to scold buyers or sellers because of its volatility, Crude is now up 54 cents and trading at $100.24 a barrel.   Gold is presently down $2.70 with the trade at $1,724.00 after reaching a low of $1,714.20, Silver is down as well trading at $33.530 down 53 cents after hitting a low of $33.240 much earlier in the night leaving all metals mixed.   Grains and Softs are mixed the Meats are all trading higher, Paper Markets continue their nose-bleeding climb to heights that are truly unsustainable.   One of the ultimate questions is when will they let it go?   Regardless of the answer Silver and Gold have remained the go to investment that offsets the shenanigans the central bank system created.   Today is the last trading day for January Gold/Silver deliveries, what we’ve seen over the past decade was normally a major pullback on FOMC, options expiration, and final delivery days, one could almost set their clocks to this errr .. action… all except for this past week. As Jim Sinclair stated earlier in the week, this year will be the year everyone awakens to the facts and go for the Gold … have a great weekend and as always .. Stay Strong!!

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