Gold and Silver continue to rally as they overprint US$

US$ continues its slide lower  trading at 79.410 with a low so far at 79.235, Treasuries are being bought up across all years in a ridiculous attempt to calm the masses, still they don’t get it, it’s a debt problem not liquidity issue.   Petro Products are higher as Crude busts thru the $100 mark and is trading at $100.57 with a higher of $100.82. Gold continues its magnificent rally and is up another $16.40 trading at $1,716.50 with a high so far at $1,720.50, Silver is doing wonders as well with its trade at $33.365 after touching $33.595 guiding all metals sharply higher as well on the Feb options expiration day.   All Grains/Softs/Meats are in rally mode proving the effects of over printing a currency till it’s worthless which in effect makes all foods and energy products more expensive. The Paper Markets continue to confound as it continues its climb leaving the effect that everything is fine to the sheeples of the world … the only question now is when the “wake-up” event will occur that will make everyone focus on real money … Silver and Gold …. Stay Strong!!

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