US Dollar struggles to stay at 80.00

US$ is being supported at 80.07 up 13.6 points as we start the FOMC watch to see if Bernanke is going to give his friends more digits to fight a trend that will lead the dollar to collapse, the low so far is 79.785.    Treasuries are being supported thru ought the entire complex as well, can’t have any weakness while this meeting is going on.   Petro Products are neutral with Crude down 34 cents and trading at $99.23 a barrel.   Gold is trading close to its low of $1,664.60 and is trading at $1,666.60 down $11.70, Silver is down as well trading at $31.980 down 29.5 cents close to its low of $31.855, all base metals are weaker as well.   All Grains are weaker, Softs are mixed and the Meats are stronger.   Paper Markets are showing no support at present as well roll into another trading day. Stay Strong!!

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