Dollar and Precious Metals continue their trends

US$ is losing altitude being down another 34 points after yesterdays fall of 70+, US$ trade stands at 80.475 close to its low so far at 80.425 with Treasuries  showing lack of buying across all years in the early morning trade.   Petro Products are showing inflationary pressure with Crude Oil up another $1.28 at $102.04 a barrel.   Gold is trading at $1,664.40 up $4.50 with a high at $1,670.60, Silver is up 23.7 cents trading at $30.780 after hitting as high as $30.90 guiding all base metals higher as well.   Grains are mostly higher with Rice the exception, Softs are following suite with Cotton its exclusion, Meats are mixed by color, Cattle higher, Pork lower.   Paper Markets are still trading higher which might be keeping the sheeple happy for the time being…. Stay Strong!!!

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