The Dollar slide continues

US$ is down 7.1 points with the trade at 73.925 close to its low of 73.890 with the Treasuries being bought up as usual by the foreign banks of bankruptcy.  Crude oil and its products are being pushed lower once again leading the decline at $88.00 a barrel.  Gold is down $1.50 with the trade at $1,828.30 after being as high as $1,839.80, Silver is lower as well with the trade at $41.240 down 22.4 cents, Base metals are flat to higher as well.  Grains are mostly lower with the exception of Oats, Softs are mostly higher with Coffee the exception, Meats are all lower going into our Labor Day weekend.   Paper Markets are being rallied as well, from this point forward, it feels as if we’re already into the holiday trading, so enjoy while you can…Stay Strong!!

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