Precious Metals, the longest lasting currencies ever!!

US$ has rallied 41.3 points because of what might not be on Sept 7th. Germany’s highest court will decide the fate of the Euro currency, odds are there won’t be another currency that is not backed by a constitution (which was the intent anyways).    US$ trade stands at 74.190 with its top at 74.250 and a low of 73.680.   Treasuries are being supported as well because the population of Germany has the chance to voice their opinion since the leaders never represented the voices and people actually see an honest to goodness crash of the currency.   Petro Products are unaffected by the move and are resting after another $2 rally in Crude yesterday, Gold is higher as well with the trade standing at $1,804.70 up $12.50 with a high so far at $1,805.60.   Silver has responded as well being up over 56 cents with the trade standing at $41.185 leading all the based metals higher as well. It’s amazing to see all this fear has not caused food prices to respond (yet) in the same manner, every Grain/Soft/Meat product are taking their que from the dollar rally and are trading lower, the Paper Markets are also trading.   All that seems to be going on these days is the power structures failure, which has brought us endless wars and has forced us to live without the promised freedoms inherent in the Constitutions of every country, and they’re about to lose it all.   Unless they can create or enhance another money printing scheme that the masses have to swallow without doubt. Of course we hope we’re the delusional ones, regardless, we will always …Stay Strong!!

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Don’t risk what you cannot afford to lose….

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