Metals continue their move to higher ground

The US$ dollar continues it’s only path to negative territory with the trade at 74.115 down 24.7 points with the low so far at 73.960. The dollar has been treading on the bottom here for a quite some time now with no hope of staying. We, as a nation, do not have a liquidity problem, we have a solvency problem, everyone is tapped out except the friends of the Federal Reserve. Treasuries are getting minor support from the overseas banks but seem to have lost the momentum to climb. Petro Products seem to have lost their will to move higher as well (for now). Gold and Silver have undeniable strength and seem to be gaining more and more power after these pump and dump attempts to derail the rally get shorter and shorter in duration. Gold is trading at $1,793.30 up $29.60 with a high so far at $1,798.00. Silver is up as well with the trade at $41.190 up 39.9 cents with the high so far at $41.385. Grains/Softs/Meats are all evenly mixed, Paper Markets are fairing no better than the US$, with a large amount of Baby Boomers coming in for retirement and having to cash out, and all those too young to retire having to tap into their life savings just to stay up with all the inflation that’s not happening around, it’ll be harder and harder to keep things in the status quos …. Have a safe weekend and Stay Strong!!

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