Another FCM fails and the metals are attacked??

US$ was jammed up in the late Sunday night session driving the currency all the way up to 76.460 from an opening of 75.215 which is now trading at 76.120, Treasuries are considered normal with the short term being sold and the longer term being bought up.   Energy products are following the dollars opposing move and is trading lower with Crude down 70 cents with the trade at $92.640.   Gold got hammered lower at the same time the dollar was jammed higher with its trade is currently at $1,724.80 down $22.40 after a high was reached of $1,746.50 and a low of $1,705.50, Silver followed Gold and is trading at $34.395 down 89.5 cents recovering from a low of $34.085, Copper as well as all base metals all took a beating as well.   With the dollar jam up, all Grains and Softs along with the Paper Markets have taken what should now be called normal movement lower simply because the global governments refuse to believe in a free open market system.   It truly is amazing to see all this when physical sales have gone thru the roof, yet the prices go lower.   We just witnessed another clearing firm take a bath within the first decade of the new century yet we are lead to believe people are not afraid of systemic currency failure, hmmm …   Could it be the western banks found Gaddafi‘s gold and are now going to make good on Hugo’s delivery request?   No accusations here just a few co-incidences being introduced in a twisted way after a triple latte ….. stay strong!!

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