Anti-Gold traders are trying to stay alive

US$ is down again with the trade at 77.225 down 19.1 points with a low so far at 76.970, oddly enough the Treasuries are showing no support as well with all contracts trading flat lower.   Energies are mixed across the spectrum with the possibility of Natural Gas finally reaching a predicted low we placed about a year ago.   Gold is still trading against a group that will burn the markets up just to stay in power than to let the natural order take over, Gold current price is $1,623.0 with a negative $24 handle and a low so far at $1,607.90, Silver is being treated the same with its current price at $30.725, down 55.2 cents and a low price of $31.425 with the base metals following.   All Grains/Softs are negative which seems odd since the dollar is lower, Meats are all trading higher as is the Paper Markets.   We all seemed to hit a point of depression when once again our governing bodies made the decision not to immediately start enforcing the laws that where ratified by the Congress over a year ago, Senator Bernie Sanders surprised us all when he wrote a letter of complaint to Gary Gensler (Chief Slow Mover) stating that additional 60 day holdback they decided is completely unacceptable.   Most see this slowdown as part of a “stonewalling the order” to remove the banks overwhelming control mechanism within the commodities market. The black box trading mechanisms have wrecked the price discovery systems that have kept the “Free Market System” from doing its thing. It’s getting very interesting to say the least, the ultimate personal question is; will you be in the markets when release happens? …. Stay Strong!!

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Don’t risk what you cannot afford to lose….

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