Gold and Silver take a break

US$ is again lower by 46 points with the trade
at 73.700 with a current low of 73.635, Treasuries are being supported as much
as possible, waiting for Bernanke’s speech in Jackson Hole, Wy. Crude and the
other energy products are continuing to push higher as Gold is being pushed
down. Gold’s trade stands at $1,881.50 down $10.40 after reaching another nose
bleed height of $1,917.90 (Dec). Silver which has only followed Gold’s move is
down 48.5 cents with the trade at $42.88 after reaching a high of $44.295,
Copper is sharply higher with Dec contract up 505 points with the trade at
$4.0255. All Grains and Softs are higher because of the US$’s dump, Meats are
weaker for the time being, Paper Markets are showing support as well… Sept
Options in the Precious Metals expire this Thursday, so we’ll see how much
damage the anti-metals guys can do to the charts. Regardless of their actions,
all they’ve ever done was inspire more physical buying on the dips……Stay

JB Slear

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