Last day of the Third Quarter

US$ is being rallied because it’s a better piece of paper than the Euro-currency (for now), the US$ trade stands at 78.930 after its low of 78.370, Treasuries are showing support as well from the overseas banks.   Petro Products have leveled off with Crude down 73 cents with an $81.60 handle the Dec contract.   Gold is being held down as well but still has a positive sign on it with the trade at $1,624.40 up $7 after reaching as high as $1,642.50, Silver is flat with the trade at $30.550 up 2.8 cents after a high was reached at $31.335, all base metals are held lower as well.   All Grains and Softs are in the negative but with all the recent activity, still should be considered flat. Meats are all trading higher leaving our Paper Markets to trade in the negative.   Thus we end this month of preparation which leveled out the playing field in metals.   We have seen what sanctioned trading can do to a market, some got killed and left, others became stronger and more determined than ever to see these trading practices are removed, hopefully the CONgressional hearing into why the trading limits have not been implemented (Oct 10th) yet will bring the demanded changes and remove these black-box trading platforms that have destroyed a nations wealth ….. Stay Strong!!

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Don’t risk what you cannot afford to lose….

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