Gold’s continuous climb will guide Silver

US$ is down 19.6 points trading at 73.910
close to its low of 73.895. All Treasuries are showing the foreign dump of
distrust in our instruments of currency as we slide into sunrise, Petro
Products are mixed with Crude Oil up over $1.32 a barrel which in turn will
lead the by-products higher. Gold again has made another new all-time high by
climbing to $1,898.60 and is currently trading at $1,875.30 up $23.10. Silver
is still lagging sharply behind although the trade is higher at $43.605 up
$1.138, the high to beat today is $44.100 all other base metals are following
the precious metals higher. All Grains and most of the Softs are higher as well
with the exception of Cotton. Paper Markets are getting the support from the
Working Group but should be shallow at best. Our website was attacked Friday
and right at the opening of Sunday night trading, that alone confirms we’re on
the right track, and our profits are coming from those that hate real money. So
we smile and stay focused, because there’s a lot more profits to be made being
long precious metals …. Stay Strong!!

JB Slear

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Don’t risk what you cannot afford to lose….

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